Olocip’s team analyzes this Tuesday in Diario Marca, ‘The Spanish Classic match’ between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, corresponding to the return of the semifinals of Copa del Rey, which will be played this Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Olocip’s own predictive models of Artificial Intelligence analysis are present in the news in both channels, digital and paper versions.
In both platforms we explain in detail how all the players are, analyzing their performance through the prediction models of the most significant variables of each player, among which stand out the expected goal, xG, or the expected assistance xA, among others, evaluating and comparing the predictions generated at the beginning of the season and the current statistics offered by each player (until day 23 of the League).

Another important aspect of this Marca report has been to detect and identify similar players to Bale and Rakitic, in such a way that they perform as expected in each team.
Our solution searches for similar players to the referents, considering their most outstanding characteristics and evaluating the percentages of similarity based on the prediction of performance of the candidates located in the new scenario: new team, new teammates and even new league and country.
In this way, we respond to the concern of how the candidate player will perform in the team in the future, what impact it will have on it and if it probably meets the needs demanded.

AI was already being applied in many areas of society such as medicine, industry or marketing. Now, it is a key moment for the world of sport and football to help make the best decisions.

Full article in Marca official site: Link.

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