El Diario Vasco’ has interviewed Pedro Larrañaga, Universidad politecnica de Madrid professor and Olocip technological partner..

Pedro is also a member of the European Academy of AI and has been one of the main actors in the elaboration of the Spanish Strategy for R&D&I in Artificial Intelligence, recently presented by the Spanish Government.
In 2018, he also received the award from the Spanish Association of Artificial Intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence is a complex and abstract concept to understand in its entirety. Probably because it is something new and can be applied to so many fields that it ends up being confusing.
I don’t create clones, but systems that perform tasks that if done by humans would require a certain degree of intelligence. We have to understand that artificial intelligence is not the enemy, we do not have to fear it, because it is not intended to replace us, but to facilitate our work and improve our quality of life”, explains Pedro in the interview that you can read at the end of the article.

Pedro Larrañaga and Concha Bielza, lead the Artificial Intelligence Department of Olocip, responsible for researching, developing and validating the algorithms used in each of the models under scientific rigor. Always based on efficiency, transparency and maximum precision, which translates into disruptive and innovative solutions in today’s market.

Full article (only suscriptors): https://bit.ly/2Fq3g2y

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