The difference of goals that exists between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the Spanish local competition is 26, clearly unbalanced in favor of the recent champions. On the one hand, Real Madrid has scored 59 goals, with Karim Benzema as the maximum producer with 21, followed by Gareth Bale (8) and Sergio Ramos (6). In the 2017/2018 season, this podium was led by Cristiano Ronaldo (26), Gareth Bale (16) and Franciso Alarcón Isco (7), also with a positive difference of 24 goals in respect to the actual season.

On the other hand, FC Barcelona displays 86 goals to date, highlighting Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Ousmane Dembelé as the top scorers with 34, 21 and 8 goals respectively. 

The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo has significatively decreased the offensive performance of the team and players like Jovic, Icardi, Cavani, Lewandowski or Werner, among others, are some examples of the strikers that are getting more goals in their clubs, and have also recently been linked to Real Madrid as possible signings. 

In order to detect and analyze which players would show their best version in Real Madrid, our solution TCT Scout allows to establish the predictions of performance of each of the players in a contextualized way, locating each player in Real Madrid with their new roster, new league and considering hundreds of variables including the offensive, defensive and build up efficiency.

Cavani would overcome in goals Lewandowski, Jovic and Icardi in Real Madrid 

If only players past statistics were taken into account in their respective clubs last season, the comparison among the descriptive data offered would be dishonest, and it would not be possible to reduce the uncertainty about their performance in the new team and context. However, thanks to the Artificial intelligence and the own predictive models developed by OLOCIP, we can determine that Edinson Cavani is the reinforcement among the five players mentioned that better statistics would offer. He will score a goal every 112 ‘ with an average of three-four shots per game. Although his current numbers in PSG are not being the top of his career (15 goals in the current season), his scoring ability would increase in the new scenario of the Spanish league in Real Madrid. 

The possible arrival of Cavani to Real Madrid would be an impact on both the team and the player itself. The striker would no longer be in the wing trying to assist the scoring pair Neymar-Mbappé. Instead, he will assume a more offensive role, being the reference above together with Karim Benzema. Also, his ability to assist will decrease, achieving one goal pass each 500 ‘. 

Lewandowski and Icardi, the following most effective 

The next player with similar numbers to Cavani is Lewandowski, with a very small difference: he will score a goal each 114 ‘. As in Bayern Munich, the Polish would also continue to be effective in surpassing his expected goal throughout the course of the season as a Real Madrid player. 

Both players would be over Icardi, who will record an average of 3-4 shots per game, scoring a goal every 123 ‘. However, in a similar way like Cavani, their assist records would be reduced, to the point of assisting each 562 ‘. 

Jovic and Werner, more youth and less goal 

Young talents Jovic and Werner could be included as possible reinforcements. The Bosnian is being one of the revelations of the Bundesliga with 24 goals and six assists in 38 games. Meanwhile, the German is the reference of both the German squad and RB Leipzig, where it already scored 14 goals. 

Although both would offer less goals than Cavani, Lewandowski and Icardi, both Jovic (21 years) and Werner (23 years) would improve the record of the top scorer of this season: Karim Benzema (with a goal every 150 ‘). 

In this way, the Frankfurt striker would record a goal every 136 minutes, while the German would do it every 142 ′. In addition, based on performance prediction, Jovic would be considerably involved in the defensive aspect where it would recover 2.5 balls per match. 

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