Byzness, the technological media site owned by El Periódico analizes how AI is envolving the sports world with its revolutionary way according to Olocip predictive models, developing disruptive solutions in proffessional football.

“Thanks to AI, that reduces the uncertainly situations, this factor gives an important advantage when its time to make decisions. This makes possible to optymize every determinatios that have been took in different fields of society and particularly in sports world”, says Mario Garrido, Chief Business Development officer of the company.

According to the last European SportTech report, in 2018 have been invested more than 360 millions of euros in startups dedicated to develop more advances in the sector. Spain is the 4th europaean country with more number of startups representing the 7,70% of the whole EU.

Olocip believes in scientific innovation and will continue developing disruptive solutions that makes easier to decide in each of the important areas and departments of the sports institutions and companies related.

Complete interview in Byzness (spanish).

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