Pedro Larrañaga and Concha Bielza, technological partners of Olocip and Artificial Intelligence professors at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid had participated in the XIII Sports Management Enterprises Conference, in IESE Business School presenting OLOCIP artificial intelligence solutions from the scientific perspective, where other institutions such as LaLiga, McCan and Banco Sabadell were also present.

“Artificial Intelligence enables a complete and secure analysis based on a more efficient capability that can register, retain and discern the events captured”, Pedro y Concha, during the XIII Sports Management Enterprises Conference.

Pedro Larrañaga and Concha Bielza, lead the Artificial Intelligence Department of Olocip, responsible for researching, developing and validating the algorithms used in each of the models under scientific rigor. Always based on efficiency, transparency and maximum precision, which translates into disruptive and innovative solutions in today’s market.