Mario Garrido, Chief business development officer and Asier Rodriguez (AI specialist) explained in Tiempo de Juego (COPE) how Olocip is being implemented in professional football through the development of artificial intelligence own predictive models in order to optimize decision-making process in the main departments in sports entities.

Among other topics, we had detailed how the predictions made during the past September in the World football Summit event about Benzema and Cristiano performance prediction are aligned with their performance of the curren season in their respectives teams.

In addition, details were shared about the predictions of future performance of Hazard and Jovic in Real Madrid and the impact on the team in case they will play next season, as well as the identification of Godin and Luis Suarez similar players based on performance prediction of the possible signings and his performance at Club Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona next season.

Full radio interview (Spanish)

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