Alexis Sanchez

Olocip’s Artificial Intelligence models provide player’s performance prediction and contextualization in his new team. Thus, it is possible to analyze how is going to perform Alexis Sanchez next season in the Serie A, evaluating his main characteristics. A study of future performance of Alexis Sanchez in the Serie A revealed that he is going to become more relevant in offensive and defensive roles, rather than in build up play towards his teammates.

In the offensive efficiency, the predictive capacity of Artificial Intelligence estimated the number of goals, shots and crosses compared to the previous season. Thus, he will score 0.23 goals per 90 minutes, compared to 0.096; 1.96 shots to 1.63 and 2.95 crosses against 2.3 from his Manchester United season.

In addition, he will perform a more outstanding team work, where it is expected a record of 4.96 balls recovered compared to 3.74 in 2018/2019 and an increase in aerials ratio of 16%.

However, Alexis will record 0.22 assists against 0.38 recorded, a build up play of 0.47 against 0.54 and 1.36 lay of passes against 1.43 of the previous season.


Based on Suso’s performance prediction with the arrival of the new coach analysis, Spanish player will offer an increasing trend in the most offensive variables, goals and shots, as well as in teamwork.

Suso will improve his goalscoring record from 0.20 goals to 0.25 and he will increase his shots from 2.73 to 2.94.

Also he will offer better record in ball recoveries and an increase in passes ratio.

Previous season, Suso was the player who recorded more assists and more build up play of A.C. Milan. However, next season he is expected to decrease his numbers in these statistics from 0.28 to 0.31 and from 0.57 to 0.6 for every 90 minutes he plays. Also his switches of play will be reduce from the 1.52 achieved in the season 18/19 to 1.52 for the season 19/20.

Cristiano Ronaldo best partner

Artificial Intelligence allows to carry out performance prediction analysis, contextualizing and interrelating all the players in a team to identify which players will provide a better performance to the team.

TCT Scout Olocip predictive performance solution was applied to search for the most optimal teammates for Cristiano Ronaldo. The solution suggests Dybala as the player who maximizes future assists, build up play, crosses, takes on ratio and pass ratio over Higuaín and Mandžukić.

By other side, according to the results provided by TCT Scout Olocip, Higuaín would offer better scoring records, shots and verticality than Dybala and Mandžukić.

Mandžukić, in comparison with Dybala and Higuaín, would not offer any offensive advantage.

Therefore, if we evaluate the offensive contribution of the players according to the total goals achieve with Cristiano Ronaldo, Higuaín and CR will accomplish a total of 1.02 goals, followed by Mandžukić and CR with 0.85 and by Dybala and CR with 0.83 per 90 minutes.

Who will be the Capocannoniere

We have analyzed the prediction of Serie A players’ performance for the coming 2019/2020 season in goalscoring terms. With the aim of providing a fair study capable of comparing players regardless of the minutes played and adapting to the evolution of the season, our performance prediction considers the goals scored by each player per 90 minutes discarding the penalty goals. The Capocannoniere ranking would be headed by Cristiano Ronaldo with 0.57 goals, followed by Balotelli with 0.54 goals.

OLOCIP is the pioneering international company in the research and application of Artificial Intelligence in the business world and specialises in professional sport.

* Source: TCT Scout Olocip AI solution.

* Statistics calculated by 90 minutes.

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