Pre-match analysis

Current performance VS prediction expected performance

The Derby d’Italia is played at the best time. After several years of ostracism, Antonio Conte’s new Inter comes top of Serie A having won all six matches, while Maurizio Sarri’s Juventus are just two points behind.

The attacking pairs

The neoazzurri will bet for Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez and those of Turin for the usual pair this season formed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Higuain.

At this stage of the season, the Inter strikers’ goal average is 0.66 goals every 90 minutes playing together, slightly higher than the Bianconeri strikers’ 0.63.

However, through artificial intelligence (AI) and on the basis of our predictive models, the scoring tendency of both pairs will increase considerably.

Thus, Cristiano and Higuaín are expected to finish the season with 1.04 goals per 90 minutes, i.e. if they both play together they will average 1 goal every 87 minutes. For their part, Argentina and Belgium’s Inter have a significantly lower prediction, 0.90, which translates into a goal every 100 minutes played.

The conclusions that can be drawn from these predictions are that, although the Inter pair have started the season above the Turin duo, the trend towards the end of the season is that Cristiano and Higuaín will turn the situation around and score at least one goal per game if they play the 90 minutes together.

The reference in midfield

Brozovic and Pjanic are two regulars in midfield for Inter and Juventus respectively. They have played 100% of the minutes so far in the league and one of their most considerable qualities is the build up play. In Olocip, this variable is analyzed from the artificial intelligence model considering the participation in the creation of any move that ends in a shot.

In this scenario, Pjanic, in the 6 games played, is creating more chances of danger for Juventus than Brozovic for Inter. But this tendency of the Bosnian will diminish at the end of the present campaign and both players will generate a similar danger from their passes.

Defence, essential

Two key players, and who have played every possible minute, in the backline of both teams are Skriniar and Bonucci.

Thus, and studying the variable of ball recoveries, the current average of the Slovak centre back is between 5 and 6 recoveries per game, while the record of the Italian is lower, with 2 steals less every 90 minutes.

Nevertheless, and based on the IA, the prediction of their performances will improve. Thus, Inter’s centre back will average one more steal per game, and although Bonucci also recovers one more ball than currently, the number of ball recoveries will remain lower than Skriniar.

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