Pre match analysis of Guedes and Cheryshev against Atlético de Madrid

Atlético de Madrid and Valencia face each other in Matchday 9 of La Liga. In the club che everything points to that, after the injury of Guedes, the player who will play on the left wing is Cheryshev. Even so, from Olocip, we will analyze what would be the behavior of both if they face Atleti.

Faced with this situation, we will analyze what would be the performance of each of them in a game and against a specific opponent. For example, what would be the behaviour of Cheryshev and Guedes if they played against Atlético.

Thus, Valencia, accustomed to playing with a 4-4-2, would play with one of these players as a left winger.

Here we observe the first difference between the Russian and the Portuguese in terms of where they would move on the field.

Observing this predictive map, it can be appreciated how the position of the Russian playing against Atlético de Madrid would be mostly heeled to the left wing (its position); however, the tendency and positioning of Guedes would be more focused around the center of the field.

Regarding the distribution of the passes and the performance of both players, it is possible to establish before the match, both the prediction of the attack flows, the ball transition and the areas of greatest success or loss based on the different areas and against a specific rival, in this case Atletico de Madrid.

Thus, observing the 4 outstanding positions of both players in a confrontation against the colchoneros, we obtain that their performance is very different. While Cheryshev is more conservative and will perform much of his passes backwards or with more short passes, the focus of Guedes is more vertical, risking more and, therefore, with a lower probability of success.

On the offensive point of view, through our artificial intelligence solution, we can establish the areas of greatest probability of shooting of both players and considering a certain goalkeeper, in this case Oblak.

In addition, it is possible to establish the areas of greatest danger and probability of scoring a goal in front of Oblak. Thus, we have established 3 points from which both Cheryshev and Guedes shoot.

This way, from position 1 the Russian needs 10 shots to score goal, for the 6 of the Portuguese.

In position 2, the ex Villarreal needs 50 shots to beat Oblak, for the 17 of the ex PSG player.

And finally, in point 3, Cheryshev would need 100 shots to score Atletico, while Guedes would have to shoot 41 times.

Therefore, the probability of success is greater when the Portuguese shoots than when the Russian shoots.

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