Predictive pre match analysis of Dzeko and Piatek playing Roma-Milan

Rome and Milan arrive with urgency to win the match they face in Matchday 9 of the Italian Serie A. The Romans are 6th, while Rossoneri are 12th in the standings.

In this scenario, and according to Olocip’s predictive models, we will analyze its strikers, Dzeko and Piatek, in this particular match, Rome – Milan.

In this way, it is possible to establish in advance which will be the areas from which the player will create more risk with their passes.

Thus, we observe the first difference between both. While the Bosnian risk zones would be more distributed by different points of the field, the place where the Milan forward will cause more risk to the Roman team will be more concentrated in the center of the zone of 3/4 of the field.

Regarding the offensive aspect, through our artificial intelligence solution, we can identify the areas of greatest probability of shooting of both players considering a particular goalkeeper. In the case of Dzeko against Donnarumma and in the case of Piatek against the Spaniard Pau López.

As a result, it can be observed that in the area around the penalty spot, the probability of scoring goal is higher in the Polish forward than in the Bosnian. While Dzeko would score 1 goal to the Spanish keeper with every almost 4 shots, Piatek would score in front of the Italian keeper with one less shot.

On the other hand, from the left corner of the area, and according to our AI model, the romanist striker would shoot more than Milan forward, and would score 1 goal for each 11 shots for the 12 that Piatek will need.

Finally, if we place the shooting area in the crescent, we can conclude that Piatek will have a greater probability of scoring a goal but will also shoot more than twice from the indicated area. The Milan striker will convert one goal for each almost 6 shots and the Roma number 9 will beat Donnaruma with more than 9 shots from that position.

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