Olocip and the educational center Johan Cruyff Institute, whose objective is to educate athletes, sportsmen and professionals in the field of sports management, establish a collaboration agreement in order to carry out training activities that enrich both institutions

Once this professional agreement is signed, Olocip will actively collaborate with the Johan Cruyff Institute in its teaching activity through presentations, seminars or webinars on the different applications of Artificial Intelligence in sport with the aim of educating the new leaders of the sports industry in the technological, scientific and skills framework offered by AI.

According to Esteban Granero, CEO of Olocip and current Spanish soccer player, “our agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute aims to familiarize the students with artificial intelligence and its different applications in the field of sport management, the implementation of which will be a determining factor in the technological transformation of the sports industry.”

Johan Cruyff Intitute, founded in 1999 by Johan Cruyff and with five international centres, trains athletes, sport managers and other professionals to be Leaders in Sport Management. More than 9,000 students worldwide have participated in its academic programs in sports management, sports marketing, sponsorship, coaching and football administration.

The main objective of this cooperation is to enrich each other, through the exchange of knowledge and the creation of joint projects. Thus, students from the Johan Cruyff Institute will have access to Olocip’s internships.

“Being associated with a company like Olocip, a pioneer in the research and application of Artificial Intelligence in the world of sport, makes us especially excited. Our mission is to contribute to the professionalization of the sports industry by promoting its development from training, and we believe that this alliance is a good opportunity to join forces towards the development and innovation of sport”, Cristina Palés, marketing director of the Johan Cruyff Institute.

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