Olocip has agreed a professional alliance with the Swiss educational institution, The Football Business Academy, with the aim of educating new talents in the football industry in the several applications that artificial intelligence has.

As part of the agreement, Olocip’s professionals will give lectures to The FBA’s students about the impact that AI has on the world of football, in addition to being candidates for Olocip’s internship program.

“We are pleased to announce our new partnership with The FBA. Our main goal is to make the new talent aware of the wide range of capacities which artificial intelligence has to transform the sport industry. Working in the same line with The FBA, we will contribute to develop future leaders in football with deeper knowledge regarding technology trends, something essential nowadays in our industry.” – Esteban Granero, CEO, Olocip

“We are very excited with our new partnership with Olocip. As we are gaining more awareness on the major developments of AI in professional sports, we believed it was essential to collaborate with a company such as Olocip who are pioneers in this field” –  Kristian Dobrev, Partnerships Director, The FBA

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