Olocip participates in the non-profit initiative #StopCorona with the aim of collaborating in the fight against the coronavirus.

Until now, the studies created have approached the evolution of the coronavirus at a national level, being very general, but it is fundamental to know its development by autonomous communities, provinces, cities or even hospitals, due to the fact that it is necessary to know the incidence of the virus at a relative level and on levels of saturation of the health system because each region faces different factors (population, health resources…).

The crucial aspect is to know how the disease is going to evolve in the next days and months in order to anticipate problems such as the mobilization of resources (respirators, masks, UCI beds…), restriction strategy, relapse prevention, etc.

For this purpose, Olocip, through our scientists specialized in artificial intelligence, is working on the creation of predictive algorithms that allow us to know what the evolution of the virus will be for each autonomous community.

The focus is to provide results on the number of infected, number of people in UCI and deaths with real confidence intervals that help to know the disease and improve decision making.

More information, news and updates at http://www.stopcorona.es/espana/

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