After serving a FIFA ban on two markets without signing, Chelsea will be able to return to the transfer market from July. Coach Frank Lampard, who has built up the squad with a number of youngsters, is looking for a full-back for the left side of the blue team.

At Olocip we have selected several players who are on the London club’s agenda to use artificial intelligence in order to make a predictive analysis comparing the performance of these players if they were at Chelsea in the 2020/21 season with the performance of their current left backs, Emerson and Alonso, next season.

This contextualised predictive analysis is only possible thanks to the artificial intelligence that allows players to be placed in their new environment and make scientifically validated predictions for the future, thus answering the questions that clubs ask themselves about how a player from another team would perform if they signed him up for theirs in a new environment (team, league, teammates, coach…).

The chosen players have been: Ben Chilwell (Leicester City), Alex Telles (FC Porto), Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax), in addition to those already in the blue team Emerson Palmieri and Marcos Alonso.

Once the players to be acquired are identified, our TCT-Scout tool makes a performance analysis of those players placing them in Chelsea for the 2020/2021 season with statistics calculated based on 90 minutes of play in the Premier League.

In this way, and having given all players the same number of minutes (70%), the player who would gain the most value if he plays for the Blues would be Ben Chilwell, going from a current value of almost 49 million euros to approximately 60 million at the end of the 2020/2021 season if he plays for Chelsea. This value is estimated on the basis of an artificial intelligence model that returns an objective value based on the sports performance of the player, competition and home team, and competition and team after the transfer. It also uses the current market value and takes into account the age and position of the player (forward, midfielder, defender…), among other variables.

Thus, in the offensive area, Alonso would score the most goals but he would also shoot more times. Telles would be the player with the best records in assists and crosses.

Regarding passing, Alonso would outstand in lay off passes and, on the other hand, the current Porto player would prevail in verticality if he signs for Chelsea for next season. In addition, Emerson would be the player with the most takes on total but Tagliafico would be slightly more effective.

Defensively, Palmieri would be the player who would make more tackles but Tagliafico would be more efficient. In blocked passes, Alonso would be on top and Emerson would be the player the most times dribbled.

On the other hand, Chilwell would make more ball recoveries and also clearances; while Emerson more interceptions.

The spaniard would distinguish himself for having the highest number of aerials total, although Tagliafico would be the most effective.

Concerning the associative capacity, Chilwell would be the player with the best performance in passing ability, leading total passes, front passes and launches, but Emerson would be slightly better in passing ratio.

Furthermore, the young English currently at Leicester would be ahead in the build up play, a variable created by Olocip from the artificial intelligence model considering the player’s participation in the creation of any play that ends in a shot, and also in switches of play.

Moreover, Tagliafico would be the most reliable player with the ball and with the lowest loss of possession ratios.

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