Olocip’s panel of experts, specialised in the research and application of Artificial Intelligence, computing and the development of complex models, both predictive and prescriptive, offer strategic advice and consultancy adapted to the demands and needs of the different departments in the business and sports sectors.

Strategic information analysis

The amount of data available from different sources and the underlying knowledge that provides extraordinary potential allow Olocip to develop support solutions that facilitate and optimise decision making.

Olocip’s Artificial Intelligence team covers all phases so that after an exhaustive investigation, the data can speak for themselves helping to obtain differential competitive advantages.

Design and development of computational solutions

Olocip’s specialist software team offers its custom development capability covering all necessary design phases. The entire process is approached, from investigation of the specific problem, analysis of needs, design, adaptation to resources, development, implementation and testing, in an efficient and validated way.

During the implementation are used the latest advances in software technologies, which ensures the optimization of the solution created, thus showing our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of development procedures.

Optimization of decision making thanks to artificial intelligence

In complex environments, data helps us to choose the strategy that minimizes the present uncertainty, thus optimizing the probability of success. Olocip is able to analyze the problem, look for the variables that condition it and create a model capable not only of predicting what will happen, but also of prescribing what decisions to take to achieve the maximum benefit of the future situation.

For this purpose, complex advanced mathematical models, feature engineering and a posteriori studies of the models are used to know and anticipate the consequences of each decision and the necessary instructions to maximise the achievement of objectives.  

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