How will a player perform next year in my team?

TCT Scout

Application dedicated to scouting services and signings to support sports management. It is an intelligent complex and transparent model fed by thousands of matches that projects the future performance of a desired player based on their own characteristics and the club.

TCT Scout – Featured Highlights

  • Generates reports based on the player’s future statistics, not past ones.
  • Predicts the evolution of player performance.
  • Assesses the impact a new club signing would have on a player’s performance.
  • Assess the impact of a potential transfer in the future statistics of the club.
  • It compares several players and suggests the optimal according to the prediction of their performance.
  • Automatically creates lists of players who fit well into the team, suggesting possible overlooked or previously discarded signings.
  • Prediction economic player value based on performance predictions
*Performance predictions of the variables selected of each player for the next season and future team.

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