What should I do to score more goals?

TCT Coach

Application dedicated to the management of the game in real time to support coaches and analysts. It is an intelligent, complex and transparent model fed by millions of data that analyses directly, continuously and in real time the situation of a match.

TCT Coach – Highlights

  • Anticipates future weaknesses and strengths, warning about them in advance.
  • Suggests to the trainer the instructions that probabilistically optimize the fulfillment of his objectives.
  • Provides real time information on the physical and technical performance of players.
  • Allows analysis before, during and after the match and the general state of the squad.
  • Prediction of each situation during the match in real time.

TCT Coach – Key Benefits

  • Optimizes decision making

TCT Coach suggests in real time those instructions that maximize the probability of meeting your objectives.

  • Scientific analysis

Performs in-depth analyses using the most advanced scientific tools.

  • Security

Reduce the uncertainty of key match decisions with the support of artificial intelligence.

  • Transparency of information

Provides access to all information to gain knowledge of every detail of the process.

  • Improvement in each match

TCT Coach improves and accumulates knowledge continuously, in every match.

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