TCT Scout

Personalized and multidisciplinary predictive and prescriptive Artificial Intelligence solution specialized in performance analysis, player and team management and season planning under rigour and scientific knowledge.

It has state-of-the-art tools composed of complex intelligent algorithms and transparent multi-variable models capable of offering support, knowledge and suggestions for the decision making from sports directors and scouting departments in professional sports entities.

All Olocip models exceed the most demanding demanding scientific calibration tests to ensure reliability, rigour and maximum precision.

TCT Scout Highlights

  • Personalized adaptation of criteria, parameters, identity and idionsincrasy of each club.
  • Prediction and progression analysis of a current player of the team
  • Performance prediction and adaptation of a potential future signing
  • Performance prediction and adaptation of a player transfer in a destination club
  • Analysis, trends and prediction of players’ market value
  • Identification of similar players based on performance predictions in the desired club
  • Impact on the team before a potential signing or player transfer
  • Descriptive information, background and history of the entire database at individual and team level.

Player´s performance prediction and market value prediction
TCT Scout analyzes, compare and predicts the evolution of a player’s performance and provides future statistical reports.
Identification and optimisation of the player´s acquisition process taking into account future football players, their predictions of performance, destination club, and economic market value evolution and prediction.

Similar Players based on performance prediction
Identification of similar players based on performance predictions in the desired club.
Not comparing their past performance related to unequal scenarios.

TCT Scout Value proposal

Knowledge scientifically validated to ensure the maximum reduction of margin error against historical and past knowledge and information, in a decontextualized analysis and through statistics without rigorous scientific validations.

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