Health, physical performance and injury prevention


Personalized and multidisciplinary predictive and prescriptive Artificial Intelligence solution specialized in health analysis, physical performance and injury prevention under rigour and scientific knowledge.

It has state-of-the-art tools composed of complex intelligent algorithms and transparent multi-variable models capable of offering support, knowledge and suggestions for the decision making from health area and medical services in professional sports entities.

All Olocip models exceed the most demanding demanding scientific calibration tests to ensure reliability, rigour and maximum precision.

TCT Doc Highlights

  • Flexibility, adaptation and customization to each sports entity
  • Analyzes each player’s overall health status.
  • Multivariable Models: Interrelation of all available information from different sources and nature.
  • Transparent models: Analysis and identification of each weak points that affect the risk of injury to player and global team dimension
  • Predictive Dimension: Identification of risk of daily injury and by part of each player’s body
  • Projection and simulation of injury risk based on team trainings definition
  • Maximum bearable load and optimal for each player.
  • Identification of players at high risk of injury in advance.
  • Prescriptive dimension: Suggestions and instructions to maximize the achievement of marked objectives.

TCT Doc Value proposal

Predictive, prescriptive and multivariate capacity of Olocip’s Artificial Intelligence, subjected to the most exhaustive and rigorous validation techniques, provides a knowledge in a future context that minimizes the margin of error as opposed to the analysis based on the descriptive, historical and univariate information of the players and team.

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