Real time predictive analytics and prescriptive strategy

Personalized and multidisciplinary predictive and prescriptive Artificial Intelligence solution specialized in match analysis in real time, pre and post match under rigour and scientific knowledge.

It has state-of-the-art tools composed of complex intelligent algorithms and transparent multi-variable models capable of offering support, knowledge and suggestions for the decision making from technical and match analysis department in professional sports entities.

All Olocip models exceed the most demanding demanding scientific calibration tests to ensure reliability, rigour and maximum precision.


  • Objective assessment of each player’s influence on team performance
  • Players highlights Strengths and weaknesses in relation to their influence on team performance
  • Team highlights  Actions and strategies with the highest impact on overall performance
  • Identification of optimal behaviour of every player in each situation of the match
  • Automatic detection of individual tactical inefficiencies


  • Flexibility, adaptation and customization to the entity analysis strategy.
  • Real-time alerts and suggestions
  • Identification of key moments and suggestions that optimize the fulfillment of the defined objectives
  • Scientific support and reduction of uncertainty before key match decisions
  • Provides access to all information to gain knowledge of every detail of the process.
  • Prediction of each situation during the match in real time
  • Improves and accumulates knowledge continuously, in every match.

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