Pre match predictive analysis solution

Multidisciplinary Artificial Intelligence interactive coach board focused on predictive pre match analysis adapted to each team and specific rivals.

It has state-of-the-art tools composed of complex intelligent algorithms and transparent multi-variable models capable to offer unique knowledge for the optimization in the decision making and definition of successful strategies.

All Olocip models exceed the most demanding demanding scientific calibration tests to ensure reliability, rigour and maximum precision.


  • Contextualized analysis and prediction of behaviors
    • Teams, players and rivals
  • Contextualization
    • Predictive analysis considering the different circumstances: Results, players, local / visitor, pass in game, set-piece…
  • Success prediction, efficiency, and risk probability for each situation and event
    • Real decisions vs optimal decisions


  • Prediction of the areas of origin of the different events before a certain rival team and players.
  • Detection of tendencies and behaviors of the players against a certain rival team and players. 
  • Prediction of the areas of success and risk before an opponent and certain players
  • Prediction of attack flows, risk and success